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Peak Peaks

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Our time has been the very best time to be alive, the very peak time for humans, certainly.  (Although discussing this would be fun)  Now starts our species decline or the beginnings of a new species.  Very interesting times from now on.  Happy to be here.  This is the peak.

Peak Civilization call it the year 2000 to 2050

Peak Oil  2010  2020   Lots of discussion on just when Peak Oil will be.

Peak human Exploration - Apollo Lunar missions  1960's and 70's - certainly nothing greater than that since

Peak optical exploration  - Hubble Space telescope

Peak Military War   WWII -  Although from the VietNamese perspective it could have been that war, but that may be over the peak.

Peak Medical - now and way into the future

Peak American Democracy  - Somehow the LBJ Presidency seems like a peak time for government, it just feels that way

Peak Technology    not yet - maybe soon 2050

Peak analog signal... The broadcast television signal today remains the most complex, widely used analog signal  in NTSC, PAL and SECAM television.  Now slowly disappearing.  Call it 2009

Peak Civilization  2000- 2050 ish

Peak Human genome Maybe now, or 2050  - toxins and viruses will mess things up after that.

Peak Global biological diversity 1700

Peak Digital Technology  < 2100

Peak Culture  

Peak Music Performance  Hendrix, The Who,

Thine, not mine.

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The kids already know;  It's not our future, it's theirs.

We think kids won't be prepared for the future.  Of course we can never know how to best prepare them for their challenges.

Hey parents, please don't tell them everything.  With current sustainability and resource constraints the human future will accept only a very small, highly adapted population.   Many scientists know this to be true, they just don't know when this will unfold.  

And I have no idea how to prepare kids - but I suspect and often am surprised to learn their solutions are starting to congeal.  For instance, they say they know they face big problems - but seem to have boundless hope and visions for a boundaryless world. 

 one young teenager's travel lesson  6 min video  essay:
Our mistakes are abundant, our responsibilities great, by Maya Rose Goldman

Nietzsche and AGW

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   That which does not kill us, makes us stronger -Nietzsche

 Nietzsche is just summarizing Darwin.

As it should be...        

In the face of AGW it is difficult to be positive...

New idea:   everything is unfolding as it should

AGW pace is perfect for humans to deal with because

Any slower pace of warming and we would not see it,

Any faster pace and there would be tumultuous panic.

This rate of change is perfect for humans to rise to the challenge,  it calls forth all our unified strength.

test first

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Why we are doomed.  Doomed.   Global warming and climate destabilization.

What we have not yet learned is:  It is bad.  It is worse than we thought

It is unfolding faster than we thought

Anything we do to affect change will take decades to notice
   (we really cannot see the effects of any positive action  - and negative actions make us feel better )

Humans are poorly adapted to see long off dangers.

Our trusted media is abandoning us

We have no intention of realizing the problem

Powerful interests don't want change

Powerful insterests will do anything they can to keep BAU

We have leaders that cynically sabotage

We are pretty much unable to change  - demonstrated that often

from 1989

The people who know how bad it really is, have the least power to affect change.

Humans are not a viable species.  Disjointed, quarrelsome, disunified. ALthough we can pull together for great and noble actions, this time requires total global unification.. which is not going to happen.

The people in power are unwilling to unify with other people in power.

Humans are not really civilized.  ALthough it seems to progress and we get better over the centuries, we are still violent, emotional and greedy  - and tolerate that in others even as we battle our fellows.

Churchill... "Americans will eventually do the right thing, after trying all other options first." 

Similarly - our entire species can often be good and smart and wise and can fight dangerous problems with success - but not always, and not at precisely the right times.


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